Esteem-Enhancing DisciplineTM
By Gloria J. Schneider

Our society is searching for a discipline approach that falls somewhere between authoritarianism and permissiveness.  Attempts have been made to find a middle ground that would solve the serious social problems in our schools, but nothing has seemed to work.  Teachers are experiencing discipline problems in their classrooms that sometimes are so drastic that they seem to defy solution.  The purpose of this paper is to facilitate the understanding of the workings of a child's mind so that discipline can be effective in reducing antisocial, acting-out behavior.  Thus, the true function of discipline - self-discipline - can be realized.  Read more

Gloria Schneider’s Behavior Development Theory

(BDT) addresses the root cause of problems in behavior ranging from Misbehavior, Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anorexia, Bulimia, Low motivation, Learning Disabilities, and Hostile Disobedience to Authority.  Read more

The way we parent can build self-respect or anger in children
By Gloria J. Schneider

I urge all parents to reduce anger in their children.  As a society we must recognize that we are raising the children who are creating this overwhelming problem of gangs and violence.  It is not coming from someone else’s kids.      Read more

Respecting children’s feelings critical in building self-esteem

By Gloria J. Schneider

Does your child see you as a friend or a foe? To find out, ask yourself this question: How many times a day do you express an attitude of disrespect toward your child through your facial expression, tone of voice, or touch?    Read more

Anger is the Seed of Violence

By Gloria J. Schneider

What is the one key to reducing violence in our society?  The key is to know that anger is the seed of violence. Knowing this, what is the first single most important thing that we must do to stem the tide of violence? Read more

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