The TLC approach fosters the development of higher self-esteem as the way to promote fulfillment and lessen anger.  Both family and school are incorporated into the effort to increase a child’s self-esteem to assure consistency in all areas of the child’s life.  TLC therapists help children and adolescents discover and express their feelings, develop self-discipline, and overcome antisocial behavior.  Parents and teachers are taught specific techniques for fostering healthy self-esteem in their children and finding and correcting the cause of children’s misbehavior.

Children with high self-esteem are generally joyous and well-behaved; they do not exhibit the kind of anger that can escalate into violence because every single thing that builds true self-esteem also serves to reduce anger.

- Gloria J Schneider

TLC Approach

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Parents and teachers learn a non-punitive discipline approach that nurtures self-esteem, diffuses anger, increases self-confidence and improves social interaction.  They learn new ways of relating to children, the importance of letting go of control in small areas in order to gain control in the more important ones, and how to look at life from their children’s perspective.  Rather than focusing on controlling and directing their children, parents and teachers are encouraged to concentrate on building relationships with them.  Parents and teachers learn that building relationships with the children gives them all the control they need.