About us

What kids are saying about TLC...

"TLC is as easy as 1-2-3.  My TLC."
          -Andy, age 8

"Learned to be nice and helpful and share and to feel good inside"
          -Courtney, age 8

"I like the whole room here.  I love these people."
          -Don, age 11

"I learned how to play with kids".
          -Ken, age 8

 "TLC is the place to be.  I learned that talking about things that happen can help you."

          -Kelsey, age 7

"Learned about self control and being self confident."
         -Orlando, age 10

"TLC's magic.  When you walk in, you feel better."
         -Nikki, age 7

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Our Mission . . .
   is to empower children and their families, through psychological counseling and training, to lead happier, more peaceful lives.