In 1987, the First United Methodist Church in downtown Houston hosted the TLC pre-school pilot program for children.  Parents attended lectures where they learned the secrets to instilling healthy self-esteem and the subsequent good behavior in their children.

Luminé, Incorporated (a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization) was established in 1989 to create a charitable and educational institution to proclaim and spread the concepts and materials of our founder, Gloria J. Schneider, concerning children and adults and their relationship with one another.  In particular, adults and children should deal with each other on a very equivalent (equal in importance, but not in authority) level with mutual respect and recognition of the individual’s rights and integrity.

In 1991 Luminé, Inc. established the TLC Counseling & Training Center to offer private and play therapy, self-esteem classes for children and adults, parenting, teaching and school based programs.

We began research studies in 1995 to validate the theory that the improvement of an individuals self-esteem on an unconscious level affects his or her ability to behave in socially acceptable ways.  Our studies so far indicate that the use of unconditional positive regard combined with logical or natural consequences of misbehavior, allows persons to learn self-discipline and act for the good of the community.

The ultimate goal for Luminé is to spread the ideas and concepts of Gloria Schneider into homes and schools worldwide in order to promote mental health and peace.  This illustrious endeavor is what Sigmund Freud believed to be the only answer for society’s ills.

Freud . . . . believed that society, which has been fashioned by man, reflects to a great extent man's irrationality.  As a  consequence, each new generation is corrupted by being born into an irrational society.  The influence of man on society and of society on man is a vicious circle from which only a few hardy souls can free themselves.

Freud felt that the situation might be ameliorated by the application of psychological principles in raising and educating children.  This would mean, of course, that parents and teachers would have to undergo a psychological re-education before they could be effective agents of reason and truth.  Freud did not minimize the immensity of this task, but he did not know any other way by which to create a better society and better people (Calvin S. Hall 1954, 21). 

The first program was called Teachers Listening to Children.  Through the years we have helped hundreds of children and their families.  We have added the term Truth Leading to Choices and will continue to grow and add new programs.  One of our teenagers, who had a life changing experience through self-esteem classes, decided to get out of his criminal gang and pursue his goal of becoming a doctor.  He told us that TLC should stand for Total Life Change!  Maybe he’s right.

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